It is a typical summer day-bright blue sky, unbearable heat and you are wondering where you would be cooled. Even if you're at home, you have a fan and you're sweating, so there's only one solution-cold, tasty ice cream. If you belong to a gourmet and you are not satisfied with anything, then choose with us!
Our company has been working on the market for more than 20 years and we produce ice cream for demanding. Already in 1994 we expanded our production to 50 species. Our ice cream is undergoing very strict production and output control, so the quality is really assured.
Ice cream not only off-white
Some ice cream is a caloric bomb in the form of cream. But we also think of your character and so you can also give us fruit sorbets that do not contain fat. They are characterized by a high proportion of fruit ingredients and some contain even larger pieces of fruit!