Did you frostbite the broken tiles, scratched floating floor, or ruined linoleum? You're saying that a floor that meets all your requirements just doesn't exist? But she exists!! Vinyl flooring came on the market and you'll be staring at what qualities they have.

Do not scratch the vinyl flooring, do not slip on them, do not destroy them even the fall of the knife, or the pot, and do not scratch them with your pet. They are so perfect that if you put them in one room, you will gradually have them everywhere:-) Put them in the bathroom as they are resistant to water.

Are you looking for a disadvantage?

You won't find her! Unlike other floors, it is simply unique. Choose from a large number of patterns and colors and make your interior perfect. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and suitable for allergy sufferers. They keep the temperature so that you can receive visits even without a slippers:-)