More Americans are choosing to buy vehicles from dealers who arrange for financing on site. This often means that the loan in question will be serviced thereafter by a lender like Consumer Portfolio Services.

Purchasing a car or truck in this way generally turns out to be easy and convenient. The same is true of keeping up with loan-related details thereafter at a website maintained for that purpose by a lender.

Indirect Lenders Help Many Shoppers Buy Cars Today

Indirect automotive lenders have been around quite a few years, and the financial services they offer are becoming more and more popular. While plenty of car buyers still make financing arrangements of their own, “buy here, pay here” dealers help many more complete vehicle purchases.

While dealers of this kind extend financing themselves at the point of purchase, they almost always hand these off to partners later on. Within a matter of days, in many cases, a loan that was approved by a car dealer will end up being owned by an indirect lender.

Many Ways to Manage a Car Loan Online

This arrangement typically benefits all involved parties, for a number of reasons. Car buyers, for instance, gain access to credit for which they might not otherwise qualify, with this being a particularly obvious advantage.

Having a specialized lender take over the ownership and servicing of a loan also tends to make it easier for a borrower to manage. Many of the leading indirect lenders now operate online portals where car buyers can look into issues including:

  • Statements. Most auto loans serviced by indirect lenders will be documented in regular statements. Reading up on the most recent statement associated with a loan will make it easy to learn about important details like the outstanding principal and time left in the term.
  • Payments. Borrowers are typically allowed to make payments on their car loans in a variety of ways. Many find that scheduling withdrawals online ends up being most convenient.

Being able to head online to see to issues like these and others will almost always be welcome. In addition to making car financing more widely available, leading indirect lenders also take pride in providing excellent service.