After a car accident, it’s important the victim obtains medical assistance immediately if needed. If they do not need to go to the emergency room, they can stay at the scene and gather information that could help them prove the other driver caused the accident. Some of the information they might need to gather will include the following.

Photos of the Scene of the Accident

Photographs of the accident scene can answer many questions that may come up during the investigation by insurance companies or the courts if the case goes to court. The photographs might show what the weather was like that day, where the accident occurred, or how the accident occurred. For instance, if the accident was caused by a driver drifting into another lane, photos of the position of both vehicles can demonstrate that this is what happened by showing the victim was in their lane and the at-fault driver hit them from the side.

Witness Statements

Witness statements, where available, can be vital to a case. If any witnesses stop after the accident, the victim can request their contact information. The victim can give this information to their lawyer, who will ask the witness to speak about the accident in court, if necessary. Though the witnesses might not know every detail of what occurred, they can usually provide valuable information that can be used by the victim in court.

Video Footage of the Accident

If the victim of the accident can access any video footage of the accident, it can help prove who was at fault. If the victim has a dash cam, even if the accident occurred out of view, the footage can still be helpful. If a witness has a dash cam, they may be willing to provide the footage to the victim so it can be used to prove fault. Surveillance cameras nearby can also be checked to see if any footage shows the accident.

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