This part of Croatia is a tourist destination, who annually spend a holiday on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea. The great popularity of this area arose mainly because the availability of its own transport is very easy, the range of around 1000 km is also feasible for families with small children. Travel agencies therefore focus mainly on securing housing in Adriatic resorts. And the choice is really from what. Smaller and larger villages and towns on the coast of the warm and pleasant sea will hit you with their atmosphere and friendliness. People who live in this area are fond of our country and are very friendly and welcoming to Czechs. Therefore, your free days will be spent here without a cloud. Literally, because the weather is very stable on the Adriatic and mostly sunny.
With travel agency Dalmatour Sun not only in the sky
Yes, not only in heaven, but in soul. This agency will take care of this with excellent references, a specialist for stays on the Adriatic coast. Here you will find accommodation offers in Croatia in their clear catalogue and their staff will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can choose well and your holiday was exactly as you imagine. It specializes in accommodation especially in apartments, which suits the large majority of clientele. Whether you are travelling with a baby or a grandmother, for all this agency has the right resort and type of housing. So no worries, Dalmatour agency will take care of you. And the sun will be in the soul.