Women who believe in the power of nature, can try in the Climacterium (menopause) natural preparations or herbs. However, phytoestrogens are not only found in preparations that are sold in pharmacies, but also in some foods. The most important and best known food is soybean and products from it.
But soy also carries a certain risk. Its frequent consumption may cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, try our preparation, the largest active ingredient of which is Peruvian, also called Maca Mountain. This medicine is not leaking before you, but you run away from the menopause.
We're here for you!
Every woman experiences a period of menopause (menopause) differently. Some change is almost unknown to others, it can change the quality of life from the ground up. Keep in mind that Klimakteriem life does not end, and enjoy the advantages of a mature age. We and our great purely natural preparation are here for you!