Kirk Chewning is a very successful businessman in the field of finance. Currently, he is part owner and CEO of Crane Bay Partners located on the island of St. Croix on the U.S. Virgin Islands. Below is a closer look at Kirk, his education, and past experiences.

An Expert in Finances

Mr. Chewning is one of the top experts in the fin-tech services area with a lot of expertise in consumer and commercial lending, data analytics, technology architecture and development, financial modeling, metric development, and management consulting. Since 2009, Kirk has been a co-owner and co-CEO at Cane Bay Partners, along with his business partner, David Johnson. Not only does he lead the company there, but he also assists in portfolio risk management cases for their many clients. Academically speaking, Kirk has a bachlor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University.

Past Experiences

Before starting Can Bay Partners, Kirk held numerous prestigious positions. These positions include: running a commercial loan portfolio as VP for a well known international bank, founded and sat as VP of business development for a web application development company, senior consultant for a top ranked marketing company, and traveling the world to speak at strategic engagements for fortune 250 companies. Over his 25 years in business, Kirk has ran many successful companies and founded several technology firms worldwide.

His Current Life

Aside from his professional resume, Mr. Chewning is very active in volunteering and giving back to his community on the island of St. Croix and beyond. For instance, he believes so much in education that he volunteers his time teaching students of all ages important skills and concepts used in the corporate world. With his business partner, Mr. Chewning created Can Bay Cares, a charity that partners up with non-for-profit organizations to provide short-term or long-term assistance for those living on the islands.

Mr. Chewning is a very successful in the the business realm, but he is also very charitable and cares about the community and its youth. He spends much of his time helping others and providing free education to anyone that is interested in learning. In his spare time, you can find him bowling in one of the leagues on the island of St. Croix.